The Most Effective Ways To Find Groundwater

25 April 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you are looking for a groundwater source to tap into for a well, you may be tempted to hire a dowser in order to locate a groundwater source. While this practice has been used for years to find water, it is not recommended by geologists because controlled experiments have found that water witching is without merit. Fortunately, there are more effective ways to locate groundwater for the construction of a well. 

Observe Your Neighbors

The simplest way to determine where one can find groundwater is to observe where others are getting their groundwater. Inspecting a well that has already been dug can yield insight into the type of sediment found in the area and how deep the well water is.

Observe Natural Landmarks

Groundwater flows from a recharge area to a discharge point. The discharge point is at a lower elevation than the discharge point in most cases. Gravity is the force that controls the direction that the groundwater travels. The most common places where groundwater discharges are:

  • Springs
  • A riverbed
  • Beneath a lake or ocean
  • The shore of a lake

Therefore, if you are struggling to find groundwater, head to one of these natural landmarks to find a water source. Also, by observing these landmarks, you can determine where you are the most likely to find groundwater. For example,by observing streams, you can determine which streams are flowing faster and which streams are flowing slower. Faster-flowing streams often indicate that there is a groundwater source nearby. When the flow is greater, this is a sign that groundwater is discharging into the stream. However, if the stream seems as if it is about to dry up, there might not be a substantial groundwater source nearby.

If you discover a spring, it is important to determine if the spring is coming from a productive aquifer or a perched aquifer. Productive aquifers will produce springs that never dry up and are much better sources of groundwater. Another area where groundwater can commonly be found is at the bottom of a valley. In these locations, the groundwater can usually be found closer to the surface.

Hire A Geologist

If you are struggling to find groundwater, it is recommended that you consider hiring an engineering geologist, like Geo Plus Partners . These professionals have the knowledge and skill to find groundwater sources. Drilling a well can be expensive, so it is worthwhile to hire someone who can make sure that the well will serve as an adequate source of water for years to come.