It's Natural: 3 Reasons Why Fracking Benefits Everyone

4 May 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

If you've been watching the news lately, you've probably heard a lot about fracking. You might have heard all the reasons why fracking is bad. However, you might not have heard anything about how fracking is actually beneficial. In fact, fracking allows for the production of natural gas, which is one of the cleanest, most efficient forms of energy. If you're still not sure how fracking benefits you, here are three reasons for you to consider.

Reduces Dependence on Foreign Oil

You might not realize this, but the United States is dependent on foreign oil. According to studies, the US imported about 25% of its petroleum-based energy products. One of the reasons for this dependency is because the US currently doesn't utilize its own vast underground supply of oil. Unfortunately, the dependence on foreign oil translates into higher energy costs, as well as an enormous debt to foreign countries. Fracking reduces the US dependence on foreign oil by producing natural gas in quantities sufficient enough to provide for its own energy needs.

Less Expensive for Consumers

If you're not using natural gas to heat your home, you're spending too much money. According to statistics, choosing natural gas appliances can save you about $1200 a year in energy costs. If your budget is tight, especially during the winter, that savings can add up. Fracking allows for the increased production of natural gas, which ensures that more people have access to less expensive energy for their home.

Provides Job Opportunities

When the economy is bad, and unemployment is high, people look for job security. Fracking opens up job opportunities for those who are willing to work in the industry. With so many coal mines shutting down, fracking brings jobs back into those communities. Not only that, but fracking also creates job opportunities in other areas as well. For instance, when the economy picks up due to the jobs created in the fracking industry, other job opportunities open up, as well. That includes the trucking and rail industries, especially since fracking requires supplies and equipment, which must be brought onto the job sites.

The US needs access to clean energy sources, including natural gas. Fracking is one way to gain access to the underground reserves of natural gas that exist throughout the US. The information provided here will help you understand why fracking benefits you, and your community, especially when it comes to providing clean, low-cost energy.