Why Professionals Should Handle The Dirty Work Of Mold Inspections

19 July 2022
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Mold growth can pop up in the most unusual places around your home or business, and some of this growth will likely be easy to spot and remove. However, your building might not be free of mold even if you can't see any patches of mold growth. You may be under the false assumption that unseen mold growth is harmless, but this fungus can release spores into the air that make you sick and also cause damage to certain building structures that will be costly to fix. The best way to check your building thoroughly for mold is to hire professionals who conduct highly detailed mold inspections so that no trace of mold is missed. Here are a couple of good reasons why you should leave mold inspections to the professionals.

Mold Checks in Hard-to-Reach Spaces

One of the main reasons why you can't always see mold growth is because it often grows in areas that are difficult to access. Mold often thrives in damp, humid, and dark conditions, and mold growth can be especially hard to see in areas with poor lighting. Experienced mold inspectors can check these hard-to-reach spaces and may also use special lighting to identify mold that might go unseen by the naked eye. Some areas of your home or business that the mold inspectors may check include:

  • Underneath the sinks
  • Around appliances
  • On the ceiling tiles
  • Under carpeting
  • Inside file cabinets
  • Around the boiler and water heater
  • In the pipes and the adjacent areas
  • Inside and behind cupboards and cabinets

Greater Safety

You won't have to run the risk of putting yourself in hazardous situations from coming into contact with mold during inspections if you hire inspectors to look for mold growth for you. If you were to try to look for mold yourself, you could end up inhaling large amounts of mold spores that could cause respiratory issues and lead to other illnesses. Your skin could also get irritated and require treatment if you touch the mold with bare skin. Professional mold inspectors wear special suits and respirators to check for mold in the safest ways possible.

Mold isn't just ugly and disgusting; it can be dangerous and destructive if it remains unchecked. If you want to get a better handle on your mold situation and eliminate the growths that you might not even be aware of, getting your premises inspected by professionals is a good place to start.

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